THMO - Men's Fingerless Gloves
THMO - Men's Fingerless Gloves

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THMO - Men's Fingerless Gloves

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Men's THMO Fingerless Gloves

Gloves that keep you hands warm as well as giving you the flexibility and grip to operate as normal is a great combination. This is why THMO offers these thermal fingerless Gloves, Gloves that keep your hands warm whilst you work, drive or do any other activities where you need to use your hands.

These Gloves have two layers built into them to facilitate the process of keeping your hands warm. The outer layer is knitted made with 100% acrylic and is there to protect your hands from cold elements like snow, ice and hale. The inner lining is made with 3M 40g Thinsulate lining. Thinsulate is well known for keeping your hands warm and is considered one of the most effective linings. The purpose of the lining is to hold warm air inside the Gloves and to keep the hot air close to your skin. The ribbed cuff on the Gloves is tight enough to stop the warm air escaping but not too tight to be uncomfortable.

This THMO fingerless Gloves version is in addition to the THMO full finger version. The fingerless part of the glove is turned and knitted with care so that they won't unravel easily. Having your fingers free will make it easier to do outdoor activities, work, drive, walk the dog or anything else that will keep your hands warm whilst increasing the breathability and keeping the freedom of your fingers. They also have the THMO badge stitched onto the side of the cuff.

These THMO fingerless Gloves are made from 100% acrylic and have thinsulate lining implemented into them. They are available in black and 2 sizes in M/L & L/XL. They are safely machine washable.

Extra Product Details

- Mens Fingerless Gloves
- 100% Acrylic
- 3M Thinsulate Lining
- Expert Insulation
- Secure Cuff
- 2 Sizes M/L & L/XL
- Black
- Machine Washable

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