Mens Tartan Nightshirt
Mens Tartan Nightshirt

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Mens Tartan Nightshirt

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Mens Tartan Nightshirt

Sometimes a nightshirt is the better choice over the normal bottoms and shirt combination. These nightshirts allow more freedom of movement when worn compared to a 2 piece pyjama set as of its loose fit. We all know how important comfort and freedom to move is when we are trying to get a good nights sleep, making this nightshirt a great choice. Its check / tartan pattern makes for a classic nightwear look while still being up to date as well.

The last thing you need when falling to sleep is an uncomfortable piece of sleepwear, but this shirt is made out of 100% Cotton and therefore is non irritating and super comfortable all night long. Which eliminates the chance of an uncomfortable or itchy nights sleep.

This nightshirt has a button up front for simplicity, meaning there is no reason to struggle with getting it on, just simply pull it on and do up the buttons. The sleeves of the nightshirt are full length and will keep you super warm. The small pocket on the chest is great for storing any little things that you need, such as glasses or it can just be there to add a little bit of detail to the shirt.

This shirt is a long length of around 23" from underarm to hem. It will also fully cover your arms and keep you warm throughout the night. Being suitable for all year round, they aren't too thick or too thin - making for a cool but comfortable fit for any night.

Extra Product Details

- 1 nightshirt
- 1 design
- 4 sizes
- Long sleeved
- Button down
- Collar / small pocket
- 23" Underarm to hem
- 100% Cotton
- Comfortable & Soft
- Loose fit