Dunlop - Mens Lloyd Slippers
Dunlop - Mens Lloyd Slippers
Dunlop - Mens Lloyd Slippers

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Dunlop - Mens Lloyd Slippers

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DUNLOP - Men’s Memory Foam Moccasin Slippers

If you’re after a luxury moccasin style slipper with all the features you need to have comfy cosy feet at all times then look no further than these Men’s Moccasin Slippers with memory foam cushioning. Feel secure with a rigid back to hold your feet in firmly so that you are not slipping around everywhere.

When it starts to get a little colder outside you can rely on the fur-like plush lining that will surround your feet keeping warm air inside and around your feet for maximum warmth. The memory foam sole really enhances the cushioning in the sole, perfect comfort for the whole year.

With a Dunlop designed hard wearing traction rubber sole for perfect grip you’ll no longer be slipping on hard surfaces around the house. Treat your feet with this pair of slippers made with luxurious quality craftsmanship by Dunlop, or alternatively think about it as a gift idea for a dad, uncle, grandad or even a brother if he wants to rock the traditional moccasin style. Fantastic for a Christmas or Birthday present.

Originating as a tyre manufacturer, Dunlop began its association with indoor footwear in the 1960s when its Lancashire based factory began producing high quality slippers with rubber soles, utilising the smart technology originally designed for their pioneering tyres. Dunlop has outstanding brand recognition and is a name synonymous with high quality and dependability. The Dunlop brand has an enviable reputation which extends to its slipper and casual footwear range. Offering the consumer a creative and inspired range of footwear with emphasis being placed on creative trims, innovative fabrics and outstanding comfort.

There are 2 colours to choose from which are Navy & Burgundy. The slippers are available in sizes 7-12 UK. They moccasin style and they have been officially tested for being machine washable.

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