Ladies THMO Chenille Thermal Beanie Hat
Ladies THMO Chenille Thermal Beanie Hat
Ladies THMO Chenille Thermal Beanie Hat
Ladies THMO Chenille Thermal Beanie Hat

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Ladies THMO Chenille Thermal Beanie Hat

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Ladies THMO Chenille Thermal Beanie Hat

Did you know that you lose the majority of your body heat from your head? You might think your feet or your hands are where you lose your internal heat because they are stone cold. But, it is your head, as it is usually warm and the warmth escapes through there. These Ladies THMO hats are designed to keep the heat in. They are a great winter accessory with a fashionable touch to keep not just your head but your whole body.

These womens THMO hats are made from 100% chenille. Chenille is a super soft material and is known to be softer than acrylic. It also gives off a luxuriously plush look, a winter fashion accessory to be proud of. It is also a good thermal insulator, holding warm air close to your head and trapping the heat that is generated by your head. The outer is also ribbed to increase security. Inside the hat is the 3M Thinsulate lining, the famous brand that's purpose is to keep you warm against the snow, ice and other cold weather. There is arguably no better than lining than Thinsulate. The cuff also hugs the side of your head firmly so that heat can not escape though the sides of the hat.

The hat also has a turnover cuff, so you can wear the hat cuff turned over or you can straighten the hat out to give you some extra length. This means you can wear the beanie with a slouch effect. On the cuff is the black THMO badge stitched into the front of the hat. The style of the hat is ribbed and is not just a plain knit.

These ladies THMO hats are made in one size and they are available in 3 different colours including ruby red, light grey and jet black. They are made from 100% chenille and they are safely machine washable.

Extra Product Details

- Ladies Cuff Hat
- 100% Chenille
- Ribbed Style
- Firm Cuff
- One Size
- 3 Colours
- Machine Washable

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