Dunlop - Ladies Slippers
Dunlop - Ladies Slippers
Dunlop - Ladies Slippers

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Dunlop - Ladies Slippers

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Ladies Suede Slippers by Dunlop

Perfect the art of lounging around the house with these ladies suede slippers by Dunlop. These slippers feature an ultra soft fleece lining, branded rubber sole & hand-stitched detailing, a suede upper and a mule style back. A fantastic gift for any of the women in your life, whether they are your mum, auntie or your sister. If they love relaxing around the house at the weekend then this would be a perfect Christmas or birthday gift idea for them.

✔ Dunlop branded
✔ Mule slipper
✔ Suede upper
✔ Soft and warm fleece interior lining
✔ Rubber sole with Dunlop logo detailing
✔ Hand-stitched detailing
✔ Rub suede with a clean towel if wet
✔ Brush off dirt with a suede brush
✔ No Back Slip on Mule style
✔ Dry the garment on a flat surface
✔ Apply hydrophobe suede protector to protect the garment against rain
✔ In Black, Grey and Tan
✔ Shoe Sizes in 3-8 UK
✔ Store in a dark dry place