Victoria's Candles

Current Victoria’s Candles Deals:-

1. Automatic discount 3FOR20 on any THREE 190g Tin Candles.

Discount codes:-

2. 2FOR23 on any TWO 20cl glass candles - enter code 2FOR3 at checkout

3. BURNER&MELTS = ONE burner plus any ONE block of wax melts £9.99 - enter code BURNER&MELTS at checkout 

4. BURNER&12MELTS = ONE burner plus and TWO blocks of wax melts £14.99 - enter code BURNER&12MELTS at checkout 

5. ANYTWOFOR11.99 on snap bar wax melts - enter code ANYTWOFOR11.99 at checkout 

6. TinCandles+WaxMelts+Burner £19.99 - enter code 
TinCandles+WaxMelts+Burner at checkout 

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